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In particular, there is no clear description of the actual event the article purports to discuss: 1)What exactly occured, in in what sequence?

1985, Indian Council for Scientific and Industrial Research: New Delhi.) Ingrid Eckerman .199 (talk) , 11 April 2008 (UTC) This article does not meet Wikipedia standards.

Deeper research should be done by Wikipedia to focus on the actual disaster and its causes. =/ In the first para, it's stated that 40 tonnes of MIC gas was leaked.

Then in the 2nd para, it says 43 tonnes of MIC gas was released.

If you want more details, start with downloading my essay "Chemical industry and public health - Bhopal as an example". However, I have edit the page a bit, changed some texts, changed the order of the paragraphs.

About the amount of MIC in the tank: the figures varies from 36 to 61.

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3)What happened with the civilian population in the immediate aftermath of the explosion (or leak?

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