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Who is george lamb dating

If you don’t like it, switch it off.” Which is advice that, in recent years, many viewers have taken about Big Brother.

“There’s far more exciting things to do: museums to go to, clothes to try on, pens to buy…On another station, Talk Sport, the presenter James Whale also endorsed Boris Johnson. “But [what I said] wasn’t a call to arms, I wasn’t saying, ‘You must vote this and vote that.’ [Whale] was expressly saying, ‘Go and vote for this person.’” He says the BBC told him “in no uncertain terms” that he was in the wrong.In public, though, a 6 Music spokeswoman defended him, saying his remark “wasn’t a breach of [Ofcom’s rules] as there was with James Whale”.After years of O’Leary’s quietly witty presenting, Lamb says he aims to make the programme “a bit more risqué, a bit more ‘out-there’”.If it’s as “out-there” as his weekday radio show on the BBC’s digital station 6 Music, viewers beware.

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