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She is now living in another beach house on Corona Del Mar.

I do not understand the point of moving but I suppose it is to sell and divide the joint asset.

Ryan gave this report on her surgery, “Briana’s surgeon said she had the most rare fracture and disease process he’s ever seen. Meghan goes for Lydia’s faith and says, “I just think you should use your brain and not rely on the Bible to tell you what to do all the time.” It takes a pretty vile person to insult someone based on their religious beliefs. Meghan then tells Lydia she should ignore the Bible and “just do the right thing” which ironically is sort of the entire theme of the New Testament.

He’s only seen 5 cases of eagle syndrome in his career, and hers was the worst. I’m wondering what Meghan’s basis of her morality is?

You would think this would not come as a surprise to me, but it did.

I feel like we already did this, but perhaps I just wanted to be done with the season.

I’m with those of you who said he is pulling a David from Teen Mom and isolating her on THE LAND. Shannon then comes for Lydia and says she has called her crazy and psycho and the mayor of crazy town.

It seems to me a lot of work goes into making her look bad. Shannon’s daughter just passed her driving test and got a brand new BMW X3 with all the bells and whistles.

Vicki says the her health is under control due to some high blood pressure meds and other adjustments.

But she is concerned about Brianna who since this filming underwent a neck surgery. Meghan is being really rude to Lydia and no one is even talking to her.

Reunions are THE WORST to recap, so this may take a while. I love when they show the candid arrival and behind the scenes outtakes so we are off to a pleasing start.

The opening montage shows Tamra, Vicki and Shannon all sobbing and hugging each other.

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That photo was provided by Bravo exclusively to another site today.

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