Outlook gal not updating exchange 2016

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Outlook gal not updating exchange 2016

Once renamed, we tried to update the address book and restart the Mailbox Assistant service. The Fix After some more troubleshooting in the event logs and diagnostic logging, I noticed that the database copy for Database02, where to OAB mailbox resided, had one copy that was in a ‘Failed and Suspended’ state.

Next we renamed the folder containing the OAB files (the folder with a name that looks like a GUID).From this moment you need to pay extra attention changing the examples: DC=Contoso, DC=Com according to your domain name, usenames, etc.and copy the commands to notepad to remove extra spacing and special characters.In Exchange Server 2013, these files are located in the %Exchange Install%\Logging\OABDownload directory.Open up the latest log file in the directory and see what errors are being reported by the client.

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Further Troubleshooting Let’s see where the OAB generating mailbox is and if the database is mounted.

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