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To repeat from the article: "Finally, this is a correlational study, so we can’t say whether it’s CNM that makes older adults happier and healthier, or if happier and healthier older adults chose such relationships to begin with." What that means is that the study doesn't show cause and effect.

In any case, the correlations are facts, so it's not a judgement.

halfway between high school diploma and associate's degree) than the GSS sample.

The authors didn’t conduct analyses controlling for age and education, so it could be that those factors are responsible for differences in happiness, health, or sexual frequency.

To be able to compare this sample to the general U. population, the survey contained the same questions asked in the General Social Survey (GSS), a nationally representative study of U. So how did health, happiness, and sexuality compare across the two samples?

As you can see in the graph below, the CNM sample reported being significantly happier than the general population—the question asked was, “Taken all together, how would you say things are these days?

Seems to me that the writer of this article isnt able to commit, so isnt able to respect other people opinions and end with insulting.0.6), as well as more frequent sex (average of once a week vs. Perhaps not surprising given their greater sexual activity, a full 78 percent of the CNM sample had been tested for HIV, compared to only 25 percent of the general population. One stereotype of open relationships is that such arrangements primarily benefit men.However, virtually all of the differences in health, happiness, sexual behavior, and HIV testing between the CNM and GSS samples remained intact when researchers compared men and women separately.According with your logic, sexual psychos are happier and healtier, or nymphomaniacs...Being a nymphomaniac is an issue which reveal many psychological problems, not a healthy person, and if the sex in these cases is very often for you is fine... Are too many studies not this ghost who proves exactly the problem with the people not being able to be monogams, true studies not this garbage Your reasoning is very stupid.

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In five years what you are going to see is the same married couples who are just as happy and who are five years older. We have our non-lifestyle friends who are fighting and getting divorced and unhappy. Almost universally the new couples we met inside the lifestyle were happy and had great communication.

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