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My secretary is very accomidating

Has progressives’ sudden furor, then, arisen understandably over the fact that Putin hired hackers who leaked embarrassing information both during the 2016 election and earlier during the last years of the Obama administration? intercept saying exactly these words to a high Russian official, Robert Mueller would have his case.Or are they enraged over Putin’s efforts to leak, lie, and disrupt our elections? The obvious meaning was that the president of the United States was stealthily referencing some prior understanding, in which Putin did not cause embarrassing problems overseas during Obama’s 2012 reelection bid, then Obama would later reciprocate by offering concessions (“flexibility”) in the general topic under discussion: missile defense.He never..."- Terri Gerber, REO, Inc., Boulder, COREAD MORE"This is a letter regarding one of your drivers.

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In the 2016 campaign, Trump bluntly alluded to all that — an effort that came back to haunt him in 2017 under the progressives’ wolf-calling of “collusion.” Yet we now find ourselves in a strange and dangerous rivalry to see which political party can outdo the other in its public loathing of a nuclear and angry Russia. Of course, Vladimir Putin is a thug and a killer who in the grand tradition of Russian autocracy has no intention ever of holding free elections.

But he is perhaps no more a murderer than are the Castro brothers in Cuba, with whom we have concluded a détente and who have no arsenal capable of destroying the U. Putin is no more or less trustworthy than are the Iranians, with whom in 2015 we cut a deal on nuclear proliferation and who are far more likely than the Russians to send a nuclear missile into Israel someday.

The point is not advocacy of friendship or alliance with Putin’s Russia, and certainly not a renewal of the failed Obama-Clinton reset.

Instead, we should be open to a realist understanding that on occasion we might cooperate with Russia both to avoid a nightmarish Armageddon and to solve rare common problems.

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