Miss and slave chat

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Miss and slave chat

But it seems the crew alerted her to the strange sight before too long, with observers noting she returned after a break without the lathered-up look.Gwyneth was on the show to promote her exclusive gym in New York City, which she has opened with personal trainer to the stars Tracey Anderson.The only mention of slavery in the house surfaces in a snapshot of his will, in which he deeds three of his “negro men” to one of his daughters.But my very presence in the house, even as a visitor in modern times, shatters the myth-making that obscures how quickly connections can be drawn.Indeed, my journey to Mississippi to learn more about the father I lost when I was 14 years old in many ways was born of looking forward.For the past year, I have been working to salvage the abandoned house on the west side of Detroit where my dad lived after migrating north in the late 1950s and where I was born in 1970.'We actually call him our Sensitive Thug, which is a line from a Jay-Z song, as that characterises him perfectly.'He is so out of his mind, then he has these moments of amazing poetic and softness.'The children definitely know their dad is a musician, I am not sure what they think I do, but they are definitely into their dad's music.'My son thinks that any white person is his dad.Any rock music is done by his daddy, and any rap is done by uncle Jay, Jay-Z.'He watches Jay-Z videos all the time, so we have to put on the 99 Problems video because he is obsessed.

If you’re self-aware and you think, I’m feeling threatened, I’m feeling jealous, I don’t know what to do with myself, you don’t go hauling off and throwing glass decanters at people’s faces. There was a stillness, and I tried to do that in the movie, which I think I did do. He doesn’t care if you’re the most famous actor in the world, and that is a very rare thing in this business, and it’s the only reason why I’m in the movie, because he was about to offer it to another actress — he would never tell me who it was — he’s about to offer it to another actress, and I made a tape in New York at the very last minute with a casting director who wasn’t even assigned to the project, who just did a favor for me, and I sent it, and the next day I got a call saying, "He’s very intrigued by you.If you watched Sarah Paulson in American Horror Story: Asylum, as a lesbian journalist unfairly locked away and subjected to electroshock therapy, and realized you’ve long been underestimating her, just wait till you see her in Steve Mc Queen’s 12 Years a Slave, which premiered last week to a rapturous response at the Toronto Film Festival. [Laughs.] The only way I could do it was to think about [Mistress Epps's] motivations, because I don’t believe that anybody does anything just to be a mustache twirling evil-doer.The wrenching, violent film is based on the autobiography of Solomon Northup, a freeman from the North kidnapped into slavery, and Paulson plays Mistress Mary Epps, the wife of Michael Fassbender’s sadistic cotton plantation owner, Master Edwin Epps, who eventually comes to own Solomon (Chiwetel Ejiofor, in a career-making performance). There’s a little bit of a black heart in all of us.But from an acting standpoint, I had to find a way to make it something I could understand so that it wasn’t just some sort of generic, evil housewife.And to me, I was able to get into the head space by thinking about her fear and her terrible embarrassment at being disrespected and usurped by this woman. Something that Michael [Fassbender]’s been talking about is that he loves her desperately, and the reason he beats her is because he doesn’t know what to do with his own feelings. He said to me [lovingly mimics Mc Queen's British accent], "I want it to be like a figurine on top of a cake, like a figure on a cake," and I was just like, "I know exactly what you mean." You know, those dolls you stick on top of a cake, like a dress that’s out, neck up, chin up. I wanted it badly because I wanted to work with Steve because I loved Hunger and I loved Shame, and I think Michael is an extraordinary actor. And a lot of very famous actresses were coming after the part, but the great thing about Steve Mc Queen: He’s not interested in that.

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Late last month, I went back to Natchez again, to begin piecing together more of my own history, my father’s, and Thomas Henderson’s — all of it now a doorway to much fuller understanding than I had initially sought. Stephen Henderson is editorial page editor for the Free Press.

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