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Japanese older dating

The Rŭzēng 儒増 "Exaggerations of the Literati" chapter mentions ''Wōrén 倭人 "Japanese people" and Yuèshāng 越裳 "an old name for Champa" presenting tributes during the Zhou Dynasty.

In disputing legends that ancient Zhou bronze ding tripods had magic powers to ward off evil spirits, Wang says. The Yuèshāng offered white pheasants to the court, the Japanese odoriferous plants.

Note that the following texts are chronologically ordered by date of compilation, which does not always correspond with the sequence of Dynasties in Chinese history.

The 東夷伝 "Encounters with Eastern Barbarians" section describes the Wōrén 倭人 "Japanese" based upon detailed reports from Chinese envoys to Japan.This irregularity clearly indicated that, in its diplomacy with China, Japan set its own agenda and acted on self-interest to satisfy its own needs.No Wo ambassador, for example, came to China during the second century.After the death of Himiko, diplomatic contacts with China slowed.Iyo, the female successor to Himiko, contacted the Wei court only once.

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