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Filipio dating

Filipinos are very focussed on family life, work and providing for family, and although you will be in their top three of most important things in life: work, family, girlfriend…will be in that order.And the first two may shift places but you will never leave third base.The right to call her your girlfriend is earned when she said yes, in the Filipino culture it goes by the phrase “matamis na oo” which can be translated as the Filipino women saying yes sweetly to the guy as a way of accepting his love.Although the right to call her your girlfriend is still earned, as long as you are sincere, you do not need to worry.As soon as you realized that you have feelings for her, simply saying “I Like You” or “I Love You” would not help you convey your intention clearly.She might even think that you probably say “I Love You” to any woman you like.As a Western girl you have to forget the Western dating manners.I see these Western guys with their Filipino girls parading the streets holding hands and I kind of assumed that would be for me also.

So what do you need to do to make her heart melt and eventually say yes to you?

So here you are, the guy is pursuing you and you are giving in, you went on a few dates. They go way out of their way to make you feel as pleasant and comfortable as can be. You have a few dates and than it goes rather quickly.

Carrying your bag, opening doors, calling or texting you every morning and evening, making jokes when you are around, gosh Filipino guys can be so romantic.

Filipinos show their love through deeds, actions, or getting you small gifts. And not so much by touching you, texting you or constantly sharing with you how much he misses you and he loves you. So we Western girls have to let go of the ways we know: for the way we show love is often the way we expect it to be returned: a kiss for a kiss instead of a kiss for a box of chocolates. Meet him halfway and he will be waiting for you, I promise.

I do touch my boyfriend in public, after all, he dates a Dutch woman, and he has to adapt to my culture also.

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Here is what I came up with: Now when you date in the big cities, or party islands like Boracay, and the more urban areas or you date a Filipino that has lived there, you might find your lover between the old fashioned way and the newer ways of dating, Which is even more confusing.

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