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Dating sites saskatoon sk

1976 Belle Island, Labrador measures an hourly wind speed of 138km/h, the highest recorded in Labrador.During the same storm Borden, PEI measures an hourly wind speed of 93km/h, the record higest hourly wind speed in Prince Edward Island.Close to 100mm rain fell in Saint John and Sussex whilst ice breaking up in the south-west branch of the Miramichi River left ice piled up to 3m high along river banks.2001 Prince Edward Island had it's worst storm in 6 years.

1999 Snowstorm of the century began in Toronto and would last until the 15th.Click here to find out that the weather's doing right now in Whitehorse.At the same time British Columbia records its coldest night on record as lows at Smith Falls drop to -58.9C.The wave was 15-18m high and moved at 90-110km/h and was the largest wave to hit Newfoundland since 1929 when a tsunami hit Burin peninsula.1992 A storm over the Maritimes produced snow, rain, freezing rain and winds gusting to more than 100km/h.

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This isn't too far off the coldest nights ever recorded here, -42.8C on 29th December 1968 and 23rd January 1969. 1999 Tahtsa Lake, BC records 145cm snow in 24 hours, Canada's greatest single day snowfall record.

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