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View the library’s digitized house plan books online or view these plus more in print in Special Collections.Local architect publications like these, which primarily date from the early 20th century, may contain similar or identical floor plans to your house, which could indicate that the house was built from stock plans.View the library's digitized platbooks (1885 - 1887 - 1898 - 1914 - 1940) online or view paper copies of these plus additional platbooks.

You must obtain your home’s original building permit number from the building permit index card or building permit to access your lot survey.View property boundaries, roads, railroad tracks, streetcar lines, the names of businesses,and geographical attributes.The oldest maps of the city are available via Minnesota Reflections.In most cases, there is no single document that will provide you with a complete history of your home, property, or neighborhood.Special Collections at Minneapolis Central Library has many resources to help you find information. E.) Learn how to interpret a permit card (PDF) Contact Special Collections for assistance with your search.

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Search building permit index cards online Lot Surveys are expensive to have done and we strongly encourage homeowners to keep them in a safe place with their building abstract.

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