Dating car registration plates pharell dating

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Dating car registration plates

And the number is simply a way of uniquely identifying one registration from the possible 999 alternatives with the same prefix and suffix combinations that could be out there.

The EU band on this plate says GB, the official code for all of the UK, despite Northern Ireland not being part of Great Britain.

The final letter (or suffix hence the name of this style of registration), would originally have been used to determine the age of the vehicle it was being displayed on - as shown in the below table.

The first three characters would originally have been able to identify the area of the country in which the registration was issued (in the above example the FVL indicates that this registration would have been released in Lincoln).

As these registrations have an age identifier (the two digits), you can only assign them to vehicles of the same age as the registration or younger.

So, for example, the above registration - SK54 MPK - could be assigned to any vehicle first manufactured after 01/09/2004, but you'd be unable to put it on a vehicle that was manufactured before that date as you would be giving the impression that the vehicle was newer than it is.

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