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Danielle panabaker and michael angarano dating

Meanwhile, in their living room, Will's friends overhear his conversation with his father about being proud that he is a sidekick; when he returns, they look at him in silent admiration and gratitude.Will's strength superpower eventually manifests itself during a fight with Warren Peace, whose supervillain father, Baron Battle, was defeated and imprisoned by the Commander.Will has an enormous crush on her, dating back to the day they first met, and the two develop a relationship.As he proves his powers, he begins to grow more and more distant from his friends, including Layla, and eventually ends up standing her up for a dinner appointment in favor of hanging out with Gwen.She also invites Will to be her official date for the event.Gwen unexpectedly uses Will's house to throw a party for the heroes while his parents are saving the city.

Layla has the mysterious ability to manipulate plants; but as she refused to show it in Power Placement, she has also been ranked as a sidekick.Jetstream goes to him, only to find a crying infant under the clothes. However, his heroic moment is cut short when he is hit by the Pacifier's ray and begins shrinking into a baby. Medulla obliviously re-enters the Gym and is consequently turned into a baby, as well.Jetstream takes off toward Royal Pain but is also zapped. The students begin panicing while the now diapered heroes sit on the ground, helpless.Will, when he hears what Gwen has done, breaks up with her the night before the dance, forces everyone out of the house just as his parents arrive.He also tries to reconcile with Layla to no avail, and decides not to go to the dance after all.

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